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Montana is home to some of the best fly fishing rivers, spring creeks and lakes on Earth. The amazing diversity of wild trout waters ensures that there is destination to match nearly all interest and skill levels. The vast variety of waters and hundreds of miles of blue ribbon rivers and streams within a short drive helps to spread anglers out and ensures that there is always a “hot river”



The Flathead River system is a fragile environment of clear mountain streams, vast forests and a variety of threatened and endangered species.

Congress added 219 miles of the Flathead River to the nation’s Wild and Scenic River System.Flathead River originates in Canada, and as the river flows southerly into Montana, Glacier National Park.



Originating in the heart of the Great Bear Wilderness, the Upper Middle Fork flows north through one of the most pristine canyons around and then forms the southern boundary of Glacier National Park.
Needless to say, the scenery on this river is unimaginable, and the water is perhaps the most crystalline blue water in the country.




Stand-Up Paddle Boarding , commonly known as SUP’ing, is an ancient form of surfing that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is a type of surfing where the surfers use a paddle to move through the water while standing on a surfboard, usually ranging from 9-12 feet in length. Here in Montana, we have seen a huge growth in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


A few of the favorite Access Sites on the Flathead River

House of Mystery – Located off of Hwy 2 East, east of Columbia Falls, before going through the canyon.

Teakettle – Located in Columbia Falls on Hwy 2 East at Columbia Falls Bridge.

Kokanee Bend – 3 miles south of Columbia Falls on Columbia Falls Stage Rd.

Pressentine Bar – 7 miles northeast of Kalispell on Hwy 2, then east on Birch Grove Road.

Old Steel Bridge – From Hwy 35 east in Kalispell turn right on Shady Lane for 0.75 mile, then left on Kiawanis Lane for 0.5 mile.


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Glacier National Park

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